THe Yurt

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By booking, you agree to our Terms & Conditions including rules, policies on cancellation, pets, no smoking, etc.

Yurt Details

The Setting:

Our cozy yet spacious 5-guest yurt is in a private setting surrounded by pine trees. Deer, elk, birds, and other wildlife often move through the surrounding area. We live on the property, but you likely won't see or hear us after we've checked you in. The setting is quiet, though we do have some seasonal "weekenders" and a few full-time neighbors a 1/2 mile or so away.

The Yurt:

Five large windows - two are glass-paned - provide nearly 360-degree views. The roof dome offers stargazing from your bed on a clear night. From the large deck, soak up the morning sunshine with a cup of coffee, watch the stars, or listen for resident owls. 


Kitchen includes: 

  • 2-burner propane stove plus outdoor grill

  • Plates, silverware, cookware; coffee maker; basics like salt, oil, etc.

  • Prior to your arrival, the yurt will be stocked with fresh drinking water. There is no running water. 

  • Bring beverages in cans, boxes, or reusable plastic bottles. NO GLASS.

  • Bring your own cooler and ice. 


Beds include:

  • The yurt accommodates 5 guests, MAXIMUM.

  • One bunk with a queen on bottom and twin on top; 3" river mats included.

  • One double-sized futon.

  • Bedding is not provided. Bring seasonally-appropriate sleeping bags or sheets/blankets and pillows. 



  • The yurt is heated by woodstove. Split firewood, kindling, and firestarters are provided. To protect our forests, do NOT bring your own wood.

  • In the warm to hot months, a small air-conditioner and/or an evaporative cooler will be provided.


No smoking allowed.  



  • The clean and tidy port-o-potty is just steps away.

  • Hand sanitizer is provided in the port-o-potty. Do not remove the sanitizer - if it disappears during your stay, you will be charged to replace it. 

Parking & Road conditions:

The yurt is 3/4-mile up a gravel road off Banks-Lowman Hwy. It is steep and narrow in places. AWD or 4WD is recommended. In the dry months, 2WD with good tires should be fine.

There is space for 2 vehicles max below the yurt, or 1 vehicle and a trailer (detached). From the parking spot, its a short, 2- to 5-minute walk up a wide trail to the yurt. Packing your gear and food in backpacks makes walking up the trail easier. 


**WINTER CONDITIONS: We plow the road from the highway. However, expect winter road conditions (snow, ice, mud) and be prepared to drive in them. If your vehicle is not equipped to drive on snow/ice, or if conditions do not allow us to plow, you can park just off the highway and walk, snowshoe, or ski up the 3/4 mile road. We can make arrangements to meet you and haul up your gear in a wagon. Winter conditions change quickly. We will keep in touch before your stay to confirm road conditions.



  • Up to two well-behaved dogs are allowed.

  • There is a $10 per dog, per night fee.

  • You are responsible for cleaning up after your pet.

  • Do not leave your dog unattended in the yurt. If you are heading out for any activities, you must take your dog with you.

  • This is a wilderness area, frequented by wildlife. For the safety of wildlife and your dog(s), you will be asked to leash your pet, or leave, if your dog harasses wildlife. Also, keep watch of your pet for its own safety--large predators such as cougars and bears are in the area.

COVID Update

We take COVID seriously. To keep everyone healthy and safe, we have implemented the following:  

  • More time between stays to allow for additional sanitization and disinfecting.

  • Due to our extensive cleaning protocol, we require a 2-night minimum stay.

  • A cooler & ice blocks will no longer be provided. Bring your own.

  • We no longer assist with carrying guests' supplies & belongings. 

  • If you have any symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath, etc.), do not stay in the yurt. Contact us to postpone or cancel your reservation. If you exhibit symptoms, we will ask you to leave. 

As a very small business, we feel the impact of this crisis acutely - as we know so many people do. We appreciate your understanding of these changes. ​