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Spring at the Ranch

Cutting back a long-neglected grape last night, I made two fun discoveries:

A standard ranch resident

1. The wild strawberry plants have sprouted healthy leaves. And lots of them. Already!

2. The lizards are out. Poor little bugger; I nearly stepped on this good looking fella before I realized it was there. Not to worry though. I moved him to a much safer spot by a sun-warmed rock.

From the flock for 21 turkeys that pop up below the old coop, along the gravel road, or here, there and everywhere, to the sweet young deer who smartly choose to eat fresh green grass and not the buds on my lilac trees... spring has sprung here at the Ranch!

It's a refreshing change to hear the rush of melt water in the creek and chirpy birds. And this means its time to shift gears. No more plowing of snow (we hope). Now is the time to get the garden ready. To cut back some of the pine trees for fire prevention and forest health. To work landscaping while the ground is soft with moisture and not hard-baked by summer sun. Build the greenhouse. And the chicken tractor. And... the list is is always growing.

#spring #ranch #wildlife

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