• Teresa

Hungry deer and piles of snow

Its been a very long winter.

The snow has been relentless. Which makes for a lot of great skiing and snowshoeing!

Local deer and elk are taking a toll, though with the tough, endless conditions. Our wild neighbors have been leaving lots of tracks throughout the days, up and down our road. Like we do, they find it a lot easier to walk through plowed paths, than 3-foot deep snow.

I've taken a few buried-to-the-hip steps. Extracting myself definitely got my heart pounding and muscles fired up. Though longer-legged than me, I think those deer would rather not work so hard for their food.

So, we're doing our best to help them out. While we prefer to let nature do its thing, desperate times call for a helping hand now and again.

Neal placed hay, salt blocks, and feed blocks in several places along the road to provide safe eating away from the highway. They seem to appreciate it and its reassuring to see at least the handful of deer that come through our area looking relatively healthy.

Oh, winter, you tricky bugger. Is it spring yet?

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