• Teresa

And, more snow...

The snow has been deep this year. It just keeps coming, it seems. How many feet do we have now total? Its hard to guess... think we'll need to set up a snow/rain gauge for next winter.

We rented a skid steer to help with the road, and its putting a dent in the deep. This is the time of year when warmer daytime temps and occasional rains bring a good dose of ice our way. The road is a bit slick, but plenty of fluff remains pretty much everywhere else.

A couple of yurt guests came out from Boise this weekend to play in the snow. And they rode in on fat bikes! Looked like it could be a ton of fun especially in fresh powder. Perhaps we'll have to get a couple for ranch use? The bikes look like they could be a good way to get around when the precip is piling up, foot-by-foot (and good for winter cross-training too!).

Our guests headed out in the morning for laps at Idaho X-sports fat bike trails. X-sports is doing great things for the valley--cross-country ski trails, tubing, fat bikes, and a pump track for summer skills practice too.

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