• Teresa

Building a yurt

Building a yurt.... takes some serious planning. Plus lots and lots of nails and screws.

After careful research, we decided to purchase our yurt from Pacific Yurts out of Cottage Grove, OR. It arrived incredibly packaged, and with very thorough directions. These folks know how to build a yurt right--each piece of yurt, from the rafters to the roof grommets, were beautifully crafted and assembled. Of course, it comes all in pieces with final assembly required of us.

On their website, they say a yurt can be constructed in a long weekend... we're guessing that estimate did not take into consideration very steep terrain like ours, nor the extra requirements needed to ensure the structure is sturdy and safe in mountain weather and conditions. And that deck... that was extra on our part. We'll just leave it at, "it took longer than a weekend."

Here is a little photo gallery of the process...


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